My current working sketchbook:




a conversation at Tim Horton's

my pen


I'm not a birdwatcher, but this fellow has captured my attention for a long while. I saw him or someone in his family in my back yard last year, feasting quite happily on fresh sparrow ("non-birdwatchese" for little greyish-brown unremarkable flying thing about bird-size) My research concluded he was a peregrine falcon, but further, more accurate research thinks he's actually a Cooper's hawk. Since then, I've noticed him perched on lamp-posts along South Sheridan Way. (peregrines would have white cheek patches-this guy doesn't) He'll sit for a while, keeping an eye on the scrubby fields around there, occasionally leaving to move either two lamp-posts further away from me, or to land on something in the field. (mice, birds, snakes, bunnies... I'm not sure. If they ever develop a taste for Tim Horton's coffee cups there'd be clouds of over-fed hawks over here-people are pigs--)
life drawing with brown ink washes:


June 5: What the bunnies think about Izzy, our new addition. Did you know that bunnies can frown? They have been taking turns casting disparaging looks in the dog's direction